January Renovation Update

How excited are you at the idea of re-entering 53 Marlborough Street? We certainly are!

Our renovation is reaching its final stages and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of some things that are going on.

Have you strolled by 53 Marlborough recently, staring longingly at the empty brownstone? Maybe you spotted major digging in the front lawn. This is part of the hidden side of the project, things you will never see when you come back in. We are installing a water recharge system to ensure the integrity of the piles the house is built on, just like a lot of buildings in the Back Bay.

We have extended the grand staircase that used to run from 1st to 3rd floor all the way from ground to 4th floor. The craftsmanship is so fine that you would believe it has always been the case that we could just walk up and down all levels of the house on that one staircase! 

But if you don’t feel athletic, we now have an elevator in place that will also cover all 5 floors… and in some places, new little staircases that join the 2 parts of the house on Marlborough and Berkeley.

No more flickering fluorescent beams in our classrooms: new light fixtures are being installed throughout, and a fresh coat of paint (we hope you like blue!)

We built new private lesson rooms that will let you learn and repeat all those hard “r”s and nasal consonant in perfect tranquility.

Can you say “ça a l’air magnifique!”? ✨

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